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  • Category: Nursery / Pre-Preparatory / Preparatory
  • Pupils: Co-Education
  • Type: Day & Boarding
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
  • Roll: 50 (Boys) 55 (Girls)
  • Age Range: 3 - 11 years
  • Founded: 2000

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Moreton First, Moreton Hall Prep School
Weston Rhyn
SY11 3EW

[t]: 01691 773671

Location Description

The School is set next to Moreton Hall Senior School in one hundred acres of beautiful parkland on the Shropshire – Welsh border. The School offers a tranquil environment in private and secluded grounds.

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School News

Moreton First Shropshire

Over 250 pupils from primary schools across the region joined Moreton First for a Science Extravaganza day.

Budding scientists from

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seven schools across Wrexham and Shropshire including; Penley Madras, Our Lady & St Oswald’s Catholic Primary, Trefonen Primary, Weston Lullingfields and Moreton First Prep School came together to discover the fascinating world of Science.

The day involved a series of workshops and hands-on demonstrations delivered by Moreton Hall’s specialist STEM teachers to promote the joys of Science and expand children’s learning across Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

The pupils took part in experiments and activities from witnessing chemical reactions, including making ‘elephants toothpaste’ and observing changes in physical properties when dissolving solids into liquids, to building bridge structures and identifying the vital organs within the body.

Mrs Catherine Ford, Head of Moreton First Prep School, said: “It was a delight to see so many children’s passion for Science being ignited and their curiosity shining through in the start of their scientific journey.

“The pupils have been fully engaged and inspired by the experiments and activities and I’m sure we have in attendance some young scientists of the future.”

The day, in advance of British Science Week next month, promoted the love of scientific discovery and inspiring young minds whilst developing problem solving, life-long learning skills and creativity.

Moreton Hall is proud to be at the forefront of encouraging pupils to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects. Its state-of-the art Medical Science faculty offers cutting edge technology for aspiring scientists, doctors, surgeons and vets. Over half of the Sixth Form take a STEM A level.

Through regular science days, workshops and the school’s Jenner Society, which offers a weekly insight into a panoply of biomedical science topics delivered by experts in their field and supported by an active partnership with the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, the school continues to innovate and develop to ensure that it can inspire the next generation of students and prepare them for the wider world.

Mr George Budd, Moreton Hall Principal, commented: “The growth of STEM at Moreton, following the opening of the Centenary Science and Medical Centre, continues alongside our commitment to the Arts and partnership events such as this ensure that legacy continues well into next generation of young people”.

Moreton First independent girls' preparatory school Shropshire

Parents, teachers and Moreton students were all invited to watch Moreton Firsts’ performance of The Bee Musical. The informative, heart warming story of how the

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important work of the humble bee often goes unnoticed, was coupled with lively songs and some rather stylish dance moves.

“The pupils performance was outstanding, especially considering their young age.” Michael Jenkins, Director of the Bee Musical, said, “The Year 3 and 4 pupils held their own and they certainly rose to the occasion.”

Amy Lott, Musical Director of the Bee Musical, added, “We are so proud of all the pupils involved in this performance. It was certainly one of the best I have seen in Moreton First!”

The full ‘The Bee Musical’ video is available to purchase, for more information please contact

To view the video click HERE

Moreton First girls independent preparatory day and boarding school Shropshire

Whilst most of us will be spending April in Shropshire, a group of students from Moreton Hall will be heading to Jersey for a five

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day sports tour.

A squad of 20 players will be put through their paces during a variety of coaching clinics to improve skills in netball and football. The finale of their enthusiasm and training will be when the students will compete at the Jersey Games Tournament against many other teams.

The group will also receive educational sessions at Durrell Wildlife Park and some down time to enjoy the local sightseeing. The group will be accompanied on the trip by Simon Taylor, Boys Sports Co-ordinator of Moreton First.

Simon commented: “This will be a wonderful experience for the students, training alongside and playing against top quality opponents. It’s a great opportunity for many to improve their tactical skills and fitness. We’re all very excited!”

It’s the second Sports Tour for Moreton First, who are pushing for new heights in sport with some great results coming in across the board. The students have been working hard to raise funds for the trip – their bake sale was a particular success.

Alison McDonald, Director Of Sport, enthused:  “Over the Easter period there are 50 pupils going on sports tours from Moreton Hall to either Prague or the Jersey Games.

It is a very exciting for the school to be taking the children abroad to benefit from the whole sports tour experience.  We are delighted that so many children will gain this opportunity.”

Moreton First independent preparatory school Shropshire

More than thirty children, parents and grandparents enjoyed building cars and rockets at our creative Design & Technology Event.

Mr Munro, complete with lab coat, clip

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board and stopwatch, kindly provided the scientific information, as well as being our electrical circuit trouble-shooter. He was also the power behind the rocket launch outside, using an air-compressor to power them. Trajectory was measured with a special gun but it was the gasps from the children and adults that defined the winners, who rose to more than fifty metres. Fins added speed but tail feather, chicken-shaped feet and go-faster stripes added the element of design. Mr Munro also made it his afternoon mission to propel a balloon across the length of the room on a piece of cotton, with the help from students.

The teams had to adopt roles to make the most of their skills – the designer, the builder, the data analyst – many problems were solved through teamwork and putting heads together. This was especially evident when teams were given no instructions and just a pack containing a chassis, different sized wheels and three elastic bands with the challenge of using the bands to convert into power.

The two-hour event turned into three as teams stayed late to adapt their own model car. With models made from scratch, the axle and wheel system allowed movement and the decision of propeller versus battery geared systems added the power to travel. Parents taught their children how to measure and cut wood and acrylic, drill holes and one even added seating and a sunroof. No two looked the same as there was a plethora of materials to choose from.

Chocolate prizes and certificates were awarded to the fastest elastic-band-powered car, the highest and longest rocket launch, best-dressed rocket and anyone who designed and made their own car that could travel the width of the art room.

Teams left the art room still discussing modifications, ready for Lego figures to test drive them when they returned home. Learning about structures and mechanisms was fun, but spending quality time as a family was just as memorable.

Moreton First independent preparatory school Shropshire

Darren Fraser, a local painter and sculptor, visited the Moreton First Art Department for half a day to work with Years 4 and 6. Darren

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is well known for his exploration of the nature of personality and individuality. The application of light and shade in his art encapsulates the drama and humour his work is best known for.

Each workshop was inspired by three of his large, brightly painted canvases which adopted his distinctive and expressive style.

Motivated by their ‘Women in Victorian Art’ theme, Year 6 draped a mannequin in a folded paper dress and used this as their inspiration. They worked on large hand-made paper using charcoal and paints to capture the shape of the folds – a rather tricky task. All students rose to the challenge and impressed Darren with their confidence and artistic ability.

Year 4 followed a ‘Roman’ theme which has been their key focus in previous lessons. They studied fish within historical mosaics and, in response, painted directly from fish on plates using palette knives to apply their stone colours. This work they will continue developing in their next art lesson.

Following the ‘Outstanding’ results of the ISI inspection there is yet further cause to celebrate at Moreton First and First Steps Nursery. It is the

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10th anniversary of the opening of First Steps and Transition Class. Throughout the Spring we will host events to mark this special ‘birthday’.

The first was on Friday 26th February when current nursery children and past pupils who still attend Moreton Hall, were invited to release a blue, biodegradable balloon.
It was a memorable sight for the children to watch the balloons rise into the air. We have received calls from two farmers informing us that the balloons had travelled as far as Ruthin and Denbighshire.

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