Moreton First’s Show was the Bee’s Knees

14 Mar 2019

Parents, teachers and Moreton students were all invited to watch Moreton Firsts’ performance of The Bee Musical. The informative, heart warming story of how the important work of the humble bee often goes unnoticed, was coupled with lively songs and some rather stylish dance moves.

“The pupils performance was outstanding, especially considering their young age.” Michael Jenkins, Director of the Bee Musical, said, “The Year 3 and 4 pupils held their own and they certainly rose to the occasion.”

Amy Lott, Musical Director of the Bee Musical, added, “We are so proud of all the pupils involved in this performance. It was certainly one of the best I have seen in Moreton First!”

The full ‘The Bee Musical’ video is available to purchase, for more information please contact

To view the video click HERE