LVS Ascot Records Increase In Top GCSE Results And Pass Rate

22 Aug 2019

Students at independent all-ability school LVS Ascot celebrated receiving their GCSE results today, with increases across the board in all grades from 7 to 9, and a higher pass rate (grades 4 to 9) leaving the school delighted.

Nationally a third of pupils are still failing maths and English GCSEs1, but students sitting the subjects at LVS Ascot were as successful as ever, with a pass rate of over 90% in both. Whilst revising for GCSEs can be a stressful affair, LVS Ascot students had been able to ease the burden by sitting their maths exams early in January. This is a real benefit for focusing on a smaller number of exams in the summer, introduced by the school to help spread workload and very rare even amongst independent schools. Of the 105 students who sat their maths GCSE in January, over a third achieved the equivalent of an A or A* (7+).

Most students will now continue at the all-through school to study A-levels to prepare for university. A host of subjects with a 100% pass rate included IT, design & technology and art. With this year’s cohort being the first group to take reformed GCSEs in almost all subjects, a record number of appeals are anticipated nationally this year2. Consequently LVS Ascot will release confirmed GCSE grade information after the appeals process has been completed and all statistical data has been compiled.

Hector Earnshaw collected seven grade 9s, two grade 8s and a grade 7 having been at the school since joining the LVS Ascot Infant & Junior School in Year 3. He said: “I was hoping to do well but didn’t expect to do that well. I’ve really enjoyed the co-curricular opportunities here too – I didn’t do any music before I came here and I’m now doing grade 8 drums and grade 7 trumpet too”. His mum Ellie Earnshaw added: “Hector has always worked hard and been ambitious, and wants to go into medicine. LVS Ascot has given him so much support and confidence which he didn’t have when he was younger – the school has really allowed him to find his niche as it seems to do with all pupils”.

Another pupil benefiting from starting in the LVS Ascot Infant & Juniors at the all-through school is Sam Loader, whose mum was so keen for him to join from the state sector that he dropped back a year to join in Year 4 when the Year 5 classes were full. Sue Loader said: “I’d heard such good things about the school and liked that it was non-selective, mixed and with no entrance exam. The school has been amazing and to say there’s something for everyone would be an understatement, he’s been so well supported in everything he has done”. Sam’s results included three grade 8s and two grade 7s and he will now go on to study history, economics and design & technology at the school’s sixth form.

Teo Parmar-Wickham was one of three students to take advantage of LVS Ascot’s intensive GCSE course, amazingly studying and passing five GCSEs (English, maths, chemistry, physics and business) in just one year, and will be coming back to study A-levels at the school.

England under 16 hockey star Luisa Northing also collected her GCSE results today. Luisa has been capped 18 times for her country having joined in Year 5 and subsequently captained the LVS Ascot hockey team on its all-weather pitch. Despite combining a hectic club and international training schedule with her academic studies, Luisa achieved results including three grade 8s and said: “The school has been really supportive of me combining work and sport. I have been able to use the gym and swimming pool here and gain support around my studies during time set aside for enrichment and exercise which helped”.

LVS Ascot Principal Christine Cunniffe said: “We are delighted with this year’s GCSE results, especially being the first complete year of the new grading system and linear exams. I am particularly pleased that as well as some outstanding high achieving  performances with many students achieving multiple 9 grades, there are many other students to whom we were able to add significant value to help them exceed their expectations”.

Picture: LVS Ascot students in jubilant mood after receiving their GCSE results