Maasai Warriors visit The Maynard

30 Nov 2012

On Friday, 9 November, the Osigili Maasai Warriors troupe spent the day with students at The Maynard School.

The group of traditional performers from Kenya started touring in 2007 and regularly visit the UK in an effort to raise funds for their families and for the improvement of their village and community.

The troupe gave two performances of tribal songs and dances – to the Junior School and the Senior School – even encouraging the students and teachers to join in. The Maasai are farmers and demonstrated a planting song as well as a much fiercer hunting song and dance ritual. The troupe also had lunch with the Junior School and held a beading workshop in which students were able to buy pieces of handmade, traditional Maasai jewellery.

Comments headmistress Ms Hughes: “We were delighted to host the Maasai Warriors for the day. It provided a valuable opportunity for students to appreciate another diverse and vibrant culture and is in line with our on-going commitment as a British Council International School.”