Mad Scientists Visit School

21 May 2013

Every Tuesday during the Spring Term, over sixty juniors participated in an exciting after school club called: Mad Science. Each week three real scientists led a range of interactive science activities where pupils experienced hands on experiments and explored scientific themes such as light, energy, gravity, robots and space.
In our first few sessions we encountered lots of fun and messy science including LIGHT groups, where we had a great time working on laser mazes and limboing under laser beams, GRAVITY sessions making our very own bouncy balls by mixing powder and water together in a mould; a study of ENERGY where we harnessed energy from elastic bands and raced elastic band cars, played with poppers and used catapults in teams and ROBOTS where we had to think about what humans and robots had in common – such as communication systems and body parts. We got to control robots by clapping and using remotes. We could each take a wind up robot home too!
Mad Science was really fun and made science even more interesting.
(Adapted from a report by Magnetic Maggie and Supersonic Saffron in Year 6)