Malvern College Pupil publishes first book on Amazon Kindle Store

22 Apr 2013

Serena Smith, a Remove pupil at Malvern College, has published her very first book on Amazon’s Kindle store. Set in the near future, Ambrosia tells the story of Ashley Lye, a man who has lost the past six years of his memory and who is battling depression, striving to strike some meaning into a world where nothing happens. He meets the brash, bold and brazen Amber Rose. But will she do him more harm than good? Will Ashley be able to overcome his corrupted recollection of the past and find a more promising future, or is happiness just too much to ask for?

Serena, expressed a passion for writing, one which she has had since she was a child. She said that the book took a year to complete, in between her studies and co curricular activities. “But the writing of Ambrosia seemed to flow quickly and easily. I knew, when the idea first came to me, that this could make a great story”.

The front cover, also designed and created by Serena, features the heroine Amber Rose. “Amber is not a typical heroine, in fact she’s rather unattractive and not very likeable, but she makes for an interesting character and was absorbing to write about”.

Serena has a strong interest in Art and Drama as well as in writing. At Malvern College she has taken part in the Foundation Year play Holes and recently took part in the Remove play Into the Woods in which she was the Narrator. Serena credits her father with being a source of inspiration for her creativity and ideas. She is now anticipating a new burst of inspiration that will lead to her write her next book.

Ambrosia can be downloaded via the Kindle store, and includes a ‘look inside’ preview of the beginning pages.