Manor Prep – Year 6 Forensics Day

13 Dec 2013

We found out in assembly that Mrs. Williams’ dog, Pudding had been kidnapped! A ransom note said that if Mrs Williams ever wanted to see her dog again she would have to pay £150,000! The suspects were Mrs. Belcher, Mrs. Law, Miss Reed, Mrs. Horrox, Mrs. Stokes and Mr. Jackson.

We put on our forensic suits, masks and gloves and looked at the crime scene. We found there was blood on the ground and white powder. We visited all the suspects to see if they had any white substances. Then we put the substances in water and observed what happened. This showed that Miss Reed owned the same powder.

Then we went upstairs and took some fingerprints. We worked out whose fingerprints were at the crime scene. All the suspects except Mrs. Horrox had left fingerprints.

Next we took some blood samples and tested to see if it was human or dog blood. The blood was human! We took samples from each of the suspects and tested for their blood type. Mrs Horrox, Mrs. Belcher and Miss Reed had the same blood type as the Dognapper.

Lastly, we tested the ink on the letter using filter paper and water to see who had the same ink. It was Miss Reed again!

We called Miss Reed in for questioning. She admitted she had kidnapped Mrs. William’s dog but said Pudding had had a nice time with her and she only wanted the money to build an animal shelter. Miss Reed apologized to Mrs Williams and she forgave her.

It was one of the best days ever, we had so much fun and learnt lots about forensics and crime!

Emily D  6P