Maynard Year 9 Student Catherine becomes published author

02 Feb 2012

Catherine Kirkham-Sandy, a Year 9 student at The Maynard School Exeter, has had her first novel published at the age of just 14.

The book is entitled ‘A Tale to be Remembered’ and relates a story that begins and ends in the quadrangles of Oxford University, with the main story originating from a student’s research project into the society and history of two very different islands believed to have existed in the mid-nineteenth century in the mysterious region of the Bermuda Triangle. The work has just been published and Catherine is now starting to promote the novel.

Catherine, who is currently studying for her GCSEs, has always had a flair for English and decided to try her hand at writing a novel last year after encouragement by a British film director.

The aspiring author says that her flair for English stems from being an only child living in the country and spending a lot of time alone. She has a vivid imagination and used it well to create imaginary characters for company, constructing stories and scenarios from a very young age. Catherine also has an interest in acting and has appeared on television, acting in commercials, comedy and current affairs programmes; she is playing Prospero in The Tempest in Exeter in April and feature film opportunities now beckon.

Catherine said, ‘I have always loved English, and my mum taught me to read at an early age. The endless writing (more like scribbles at that age!) followed, and when I started at The Maynard Junior School I had the inspiration and terrific encouragement from the creative minds of my English teachers. My novel has a strong fictional historical dimension as I love History too and it is my second favourite subject.’

‘I am just starting to study for my GCSE’s at school, and so my work load is increasing, but I do plan to keep writing in my spare time. I am still creating characters and plots and there are some short stories in my pile of note books. I want to try a film treatment next and I have been reading up on the great masters of that skill.’

Watch this space for Catherine’s next work!