Millfield Prep debuts ‘The Eye Meets the Ear’ concert

21 Oct 2021

Millfield Prep School debuted ‘The Eye Meets the Ear’ concert, a collaborative art and music event, encouraging pupils and parents to create art whilst listening to live music.

The internal concert, which saw the return of parents to Millfield Prep’s Glastonbury campus, stimulated the senses, encouraging listeners to create something immediate which conveyed what they could hear in the music.

Young musicians performed a variety of vocal and instrumental pieces which resulted in a colourful and vibrant masterpiece which will soon be proudly displayed in school.

Headmaster Gavin Horgan said, “The Eye Meets the Ear concert has been a huge success and we hope to welcome this unique event back as an annual affair. It is hugely important for pupils and members of our community to express themselves through whichever creative outlet they choose, so by combining two disciplines in music and art, it made for a really unique and enjoyable experience for all.”