Milton Abbey School welcomed into Round Square organisation.

07 Mar 2013

Head of Round Square at Milton Abbey School, Penny Doubleday, recently attended the Round Square European Conference in Morocco; a particularly significant conference for Milton Abbey where all the Heads of the Round Square schools voted on the school’s membership. This was the culmination of a rigorous application process following the evaluation visit by Anne West earlier this year. The vote was successful and Milton Abbey became a regional member of the Round Square organisation.
The conference was hosted by the Elaraki School and they demonstrated their Round Square membership by showing all Heads and Representatives a project they had been working on in the Lower Atlas mountains. A Primary school in the tiny village of Ighaline had been without any toilet facilities or playground facilities until students from Elaraki worked with local people to build a toilet block and clear an area for their playground. Considering the land on which they were working was extremely mountainous, completely unlevelled and just stone tracked, they managed to complete the task extremely effectively. However, they do not believe their work has finished and would very much like more Round Square students to join them in continuing to help update facilities in the classrooms, as well as level out more of the land to allow for safer playing conditions. It was agreed that this work should be a Regional Round Square project and that the European schools would invite their students to help later in the year.
Sitting between Europe and Africa, Marrakech is an amazing place: the sights, sounds and smells will all become part of the experience we hope Milton Abbey pupils will be able to have when they visit either as students on the Round Square Primary school project or as Round Square exchange students.