Monkton Combe School – Prep and Pre-Prep rated as ‘Excellent’ in latest Inspection Report

12 Sep 2018

“Pupils display excellent thinking and research skills, both in lessons and independent work.”
“Excellent levels of knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum.”
“Pupils exhibit substantial skills in music and drama.”
“They exude a palpable enthusiasm and enjoyment for learning, both inside and outside the classroom.”
“Pupils demonstrate excellent developing spiritual awareness and understanding.”
“Pupils respect and value diversity within society, show respect and appreciation for their own and other cultures, and demonstrate tolerance to those from different backgrounds.” “A very large majority of parents who responded to the questionnaire agreed that the school promotes an environment which successfully supports their children’s personal development.” 

Some highlights of the Independent Schools Inspectorate report of Monkton Prep and Pre-Prep Schools, June 2018

Monkton Combe Prep and Pre-Prep schools have received the highest commendation of ‘excellent’ in the latest inspection report issued today (19th June 2018) by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

The schools in Combe Down near Bath for children aged 2 to 13 have both been praised by the inspectors for delivering excellence in academic and as well as in artistic and sporting activities.

As well as being judged fully compliant against all DfE regulations, the Educational Quality Inspection said the Pre-Prep and Prep schools were excellent across the board and highlighted:

•    Pupils’ knowledge, skills, understanding and achievement are very well developed for their ages in most areas of the curriculum
•    Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage achieve well above national norms
•    Pupils display considerable creativity and collaborative skills
•    Pupils make excellent progress overall.

Parents at the schools were also asked for their views by the School Inspectors. The report found that a very large majority of parents who responded to the questionnaire agreed that the school promotes an environment which successfully supports their children’s personal development, which the inspectors said was backed up by their evidence. They also noted:

•    Pupils display strong levels of spiritual awareness and understanding
•    Pupils demonstrate increasing self-confidence and maturity as they progress through the school
•    Pupils show high levels of kindness and consideration for others, and are confident and positive learners
•    Pupils display outstanding moral understanding which enables them to function very effectively as members of the community. They are caring and highly empathic.

Head of Monkton Pre-Prep School Catherine Winchcombe said, “We are so delighted with this outcome. The children should be congratulated as they displayed such eagerness for learning, with high levels of engagement and ambition during the inspection days. Their ability to collaborate and work with others, along with their kindness, enabled the Academic and Pastoral aspects of the school to shine brightly.”

Inspectors highlighted that that the school successfully meets its aim to inspire young people to become confident, kind and ambitious adults who live fulfilling lives and that leavers have achieved very successful results in selective senior school entry examinations, with a high number gaining awards and scholarships over time.

Head of Monkton Prep School Martin Davis said, “During their four days at both the Prep and Pre-Prep, the Inspectors were  able to talk to and see the children and staff in action so as to fully understand exactly what we are about, and it was wonderful that they were able to appreciate all that goes on within this wonderful school.”

This new report follows similar good news for the senior school which was inspected in 2017 and was also ranked as ‘Excellent’ with the Inspectors highlighting the academic ability of Monkton pupils as being consistently above the national average at GCSE, with pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding across a wide range of subjects also being excellent.

Principal of Monkton Combe School Chris Wheeler added, “Beyond the headline judgements, it is very pleasing to see how well the inspection team ‘got’ Monkton. It is hugely exciting to feel that the work we are doing in pupil self-knowledge is now so tangible as to be clear even to outside observers who are only in school for a few days. Our children showed themselves to be the thoughtful, kind enthusiastic learners we hope for, which reflects all the work we do together in partnership, parent, school and pupil, to give them the very best education they can have.”

Monkton Combe School is based just a mile outside of Bath in Combe Down and Monkton Combe. It is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged 2-18. Monkton is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018 and, like many public schools, boasts an illustrious alumni including Olympic Gold medallists,  members of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition, the curator of TED Talks,  Chris Anderson, and the former Head of the British Secret Intelligence Service Sir Richard Dearlove KCMG OBE.

A copy of the full report can be read by clicking here.

The next Open Day at the Prep and Pre-Prep schools is on the 6th of October 2018 and at the Senior School on the 15th of September 2018. To book your place at the open day or arrange an individual visit to Monkton Combe School please visit our Open Morning Registration Form