New exams, new grades, more impressive results at Mayfield!

29 Oct 2018

Mayfield is celebrating another year of exceptional GCSE results, with almost half of all entries awarded 9-8 or A* equivalent, recognising the very best performing students.  70% of entries were graded 9-7 or A*/A equivalent and 98% 9-4 or A*/C equivalent.

The new 9-1 grading scale, applied to 22 subjects this year, forms part of the government’s GCSE examination reforms, involving more demanding content and the significant reduction or elimination of coursework across all disciplines, making it even more challenging for students to reach the top grades.

Almost 30% of Mayfield girls were awarded 9-7 or A*/A equivalent in all their subjects and over one third achieved 9-7 in ten or more subjects, an outstanding result for a school with a broad academic intake in a more challenging examination environment.

Mayfield excels in unlocking and developing the potential in each of its pupils and the girls have achieved top results across the spectrum of disciplines.  In Biology, Chemistry and Physics, 82% of entries were awarded 9-7 (A*/A equivalent); in the creative and performing arts almost 70% achieved a 9-7 grade and in Maths and Further Maths, almost two thirds of entries were graded 9-7.  An impressive 35% of pupils achieved the top 9 grade in Religious Studies with over three quarters awarded 9-7.

Against a backdrop of fewer pupils in the UK studying languages, Mayfield girls demonstrated their linguistic talents, with 95% of all French entries and 94% of all Spanish entries awarded 9-7.  The School provides a wide range of language options to pupils at GCSE, with Latin, Greek, German, Chinese and Japanese also represented in this year’s results.

Within these overall results are a number of remarkable individual accomplishments.  Caroline from Mark Cross, whose mother and two sisters also attended Mayfield, achieved an outstanding nine 9s, two 8s and an A* in Further Maths, with an impressive perfect score in Ceramics.  Caroline is looking forward to her A Level studies in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry or Ceramics, with plans to read Engineering at university.  Caroline secured a place on two summer courses in Engineering this year, at Lancaster University and the University of Plymouth, attending lectures, from both academics and industry specialists, and completing project work.  This has given her a valuable insight into undergraduate study and professional practice and she is excited about what the future holds.

Emily, from Tunbridge Wells, awarded four 9s, five 8s, two 7s and a A* in Further Maths, was thrilled to learn that her Maths result places her in the top 1% of candidates nationally at the higher level.  Emily will continue her Maths studies at A Level, alongside Biology, Chemistry and History.

Zoe, from Hong Kong, was awarded eight 9s, two 8s, one A* and one A* with Distinction in Further Maths (indicating outstanding achievement at a level higher than A*), will be studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography at A Level and is planning on undergraduate study in the sciences.

Mary from Tunbridge Wells, another daughter of a former Mayfield girl, was awarded three 9s, eight 8s and an A grade in Further Maths.  Mary has relished the opportunity to develop her considerable creative talents at Mayfield both inside and outside the formal curriculum and is looking forward to her A Level studies in History, English Literature, History of Art and Combined Arts.

Lily, from Crowborough, is delighted with her four 9s, five 8s, one 7 and one A*.  An accomplished ballerina, Lily combined her GCSE studies with a promising film career and completed work on her leading role in ‘You Can Tutu’, whilst also attending The Royal Ballet School in London.

Headmistress, Antonia Beary, comments:

“At a time of uncertainty and often unhelpful media speculation about examinations results, it is reassuring to see that at Mayfield it is very much business as usual, with impressive results across the board.  Mayfield girls continue to lead the way with their commitment, hard work and enthusiasm and I am extremely proud of their well-deserved achievements.

Each girl should be proud of all she has accomplished, as today is not simply about those with a healthy collection of Grade 9s.  Girls should not be defined simply by their examination results, and at Mayfield GCSEs are only part of the all-round holistic provision which ensures that the education girls receive continues to be balanced and useful: providing them not only with certificates but, more importantly, the skills and values that mean they will contribute constructively to society and play a leading role on the global as well as local stage. I am convinced that the importance we place on encouraging girls to look beyond themselves is responsible in no small part for their continued success.

As ever, I am grateful to our inspiring and devoted team of academic and support staff who enthuse, encourage and support the girls, thereby helping them to discover and make the most of their talents.

These girls now look forward to an exciting Sixth Form experience at Mayfield, where they will receive first-class tuition in small classes across an extensive curriculum choice, a comprehensive Enrichment Programme to develop valuable personal and professional skills and expert personalised advice and guidance on future career and higher education opportunities.”