One school – two distinct parts Seniors supporting the Juniors

20 Jan 2014

Exeter School is one school for seven to 18-year-olds with two distinct parts – a Junior and a Senior School.

As pupils progress through the Junior School, they are gradually introduced to the broader school site and a wider range of staff and specialist facilities. By the time they enter Senior School in Year 7 (Third Form), they will know many of the Senior School staff and be confident finding their way around.

Familiarity with the Senior School is greatly aided by support from senior pupils who regularly assist the Junior School with a variety of activities and clubs such as Club Creative, chess and library clubs as well as girls’ games.

Most recently members of the editorial team of the school magazine, the Exonian, interviewed new Form One and Lower Two pupils on their experiences of the school so far.

Senior pupil support is mainly organised through the Community Service programme and Sixth Form prefects also contribute to the Junior School by helping in the playground at lunch times and in the library.

Mr Ashman, Junior School teacher and Senior School Liaison, said: “Many of the Senior School pupils have been at the Junior School, consequently, the process can involve a bit of nostalgia!

“Having said that, it provides the senior pupils with the opportunity to acquire a number of key skills future such as leadership, communication and being a good role model.”