Poet Rachel Rooney Visits Cleve House School

21 Oct 2013

Forms 4, 5 and 6 were treated to a visit from the poet Rachel Rooney. The children learnt to express themselves through a poetry workshop and created some amazing poems on colour and the senses.
This was followed by a trip to the Arnolfini where Rachel read some of her poems and signed a copy of her latest book ‘The Language of Cat’ for each of the delighted pupils. These are a just a few of the poems that were written:

Black is the darkness of the starlit night sky,
It is a circle of soft velvet wrapped around me.

Black is the slurp of dark wine in a pub,
It is the gentle rhythm of a royal piano.

Black is the sharp whiff of vinegar on chips,
It is the loneliness of the girl in the corner.

Lois Fenton F4