Prior Park Senior Rugby Boys Train With England Sevens Rugby Star

07 Mar 2014

The senior rugby boys at Prior Park College have recently been enjoying coaching sessions with Luke Fielden, winger for the England Sevens rugby squad, who has been putting them through some intensive training.

On Wednesday afternoons, the senior rugby boys at Prior Park College have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train with current England Sevens rugby star, Luke Fielden. Organised by the College’s Head of Rugby, Jan Bonney, Luke has been visiting on Wednesday afternoons to put the boys through their paces with some intense training sessions. The boys have been throwing themselves into every training exercise with impressive enthusiasm and are hugely encouraging of each others’ efforts on the field.

Everyone at the College is eager to see what impact the boys’ new coach will have on their game play, with the boys clearly find huge inspiration in being taught by a representative of the national team and Luke bringing fresh ideas to training.

Jan Bonney, Head of Rugby at Prior Park comments, “It is really great to have a current England Rugby Sevens star helping out with training at Prior Park College. The boys have really valued his input and we hope to see these training sessions continue through the Sevens season and hopefully even into the boys’ next rugby season.”