RGS The Grange raises money for Maggs Day Centre

02 Feb 2012

Joan Hazzard, a volunteer for the Maggs Day Centre in Worcester was presented with a donation of £880 from local school RGS The Grange at morning assembly.

The money was raised from collections made at various musical concerts over the past two terms.These included ‘Star Search’, a talent competition which culminated in sixteen acts making the final, which was organized by Year 6 pupils at the school.

Pupils gave Mrs Hazzard a warm welcome as she talked about how the Maggs Centre helps the homeless. “On behalf of the Maggs Centre I wanted to thank the children from RGS The Grange, for their superb efforts in raising the money,” said Mrs Hazzard. “At the assembly, I posed the question: What will you do with your pocket money? Will you spend it, save it, or give some away to a wider circle of people, the rough sleepers in Worcester. Thank you for thinking of these people and not just yourselves.”

Mrs Hazzard explained how the money raised would benefit the centre in being able to continue to provide meals, showers, toilet facilities and advice to those in need. “We have supported the charity for a number of years,” commented Headmaster Gareth Hughes. “Mrs Hazzard gave a passionate talk to our pupils, stressing that the money raised will support people who have not chosen homelessness, but find themselves in a terrible predicament. She neatly put the issue into perspective for the pupils.”