RGS Worcester – On duty at the Imperial War Museum

05 Dec 2012

A CCF contingent of twelve local cadets was thrilled to be on duty at the Imperial War Museum, at the launch of a scheme to help military personnel after they leave the services.

The 12 cadets all came from RGS Worcester and were invited to act as guides as ‘Skills for Logistics’ was launched by Stephen Hammond MP, the Under-Secretary for Transport, with an the audience including several high ranked military personnel. The aim of the pilot scheme is to help military personnel find work in the Logistics field after their military career is over.

P.O. Beale and Fl Sgt Luke, both aged 17, acted as sentries in full dress outside the War Museum and were ready to salute any high ranking officer that attended. Mention was made during the launch of the professionalism and smart turnout of the RGS cadets.

With 20,000 service personnel leaving the armed forces each year, there is a real need to provide high quality training. The logistics industry has been chosen for this pilot scheme.

RGS Worcester has a thriving CCF, containing cadets in all three wings of the services.

Photo: left to right – Matt Beale and Max Luke on duty outside the Imperial War Museum.