Road Safety Drama

26 Mar 2013

Many parents worry about how their children will cope with the walk/bus ride to school when they join secondary school. Road safety is a real concern as they become more independent.

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School recognises this and set up an afternoon session for its Year 7 pupils to learn about road safety. The session was run by Collingwood Learning who use drama to help them get the message across. Actors performed a half-hour play and then facilitated a workshop with the pupils.

The play and workshop raised awareness of road safety and how other factors affect this. Mobile technology e.g. phones and iPods, as well as peer pressure can all affect how aware children are of what is going on around them. The play showed the consequences of having a lack of concentration and brought home to pupils how important it is to take road safety seriously.

Head of Social Science, Tamasine Bellaby commented “The play put over a hard-hitting message and really brought home to pupils the importance of being aware of what is going on around them when they are crossing roads.”