Salve Upper Two!

22 Jan 2014

Latin lessons in the Senior School

Salve! (that’s hello in Latin). This academic year we are introducing Exeter Junior School’s Upper Two (Year 6) to an ancient language! Each class is visiting the Senior School’s Classics Department to learn the language of the Romans for one period per week. We are using Barbara Bell’s brilliant book MINIMUS, about a Latin-speaking mouse who lives near Hadrian’s Wall. Minimus likes the Roman family he lives with, but is not so keen on Vibrissa the cat!

Upper Two can already tell you a bit about Minimus’ family, say hello and goodbye, and introduce themselves, and tell you their nationality, all in Latin.

They have learnt Roman numbers, found out a bit about the Roman army, made Roman army shields so they can form testudo – that’s a tortoise in Latin – and picked up a few tips on how to read Latin inscriptions and mottos, like Exeter’s ‘semper fidelis’ (always faithful) and Exeter City Council’s ‘auxilio divino’ (with God’s help) or the Royal Air Force’s ‘per ardua ad astra’ (through hardships to the stars). Head of Classics, Mr Keyes, is already very impressed with Upper Two’s progress and is really enjoying teaching them.  If you have a Latin problem – and no-one else can help – ask Upper Two! Vale! (that’s goodbye).