13 Jun 2013

History came alive on Thursday 23rd May as the girls at Farlington School, just outside Horsham, were visited by Sir Teachalot.
Dressed as evacuees and carrying gas mask boxes, the girls in Prep 6 spent the morning learning about life during World War II. With plaits, 1940’s clothing and evacuation name tags, the girls were almost unrecognisable.
The girls were shown how to wear a gas mask and how the full-body, infant gas mask was used for babies. The girls dressed up in service uniforms including those from the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. One girl in an Air Raid warden outfit demonstrated the incredibly loud, air raid siren.
In the afternoon, the Prep 5 girls were transformed into Tudor ladies. The girls wore Tudor dresses and learnt about courtly manners and dancing. They were particularly captivated by Sir Teachalot’s ‘mock’ beheading using a wooden block and axe.
Visits such as these using artefacts and role-playing enhance the girls’ understanding of history and make learning fun.