St Swithun’s enjoy talk from Bristol University lecturer Dr Brad Evans

03 Apr 2013

As part of the school’s lecture programme, Dr Brad Evans, a senior lecturer from Bristol University, presented a talk entitled ‘Thinking Globally’ at St Swithun’s School, Winchester. Dr Evans has a vast portfolio to his name, including being the founder and director of the Histories of Violence project. (

With tales from his travels and experiences in Latin America, including finding himself caught up in revolution in Mexico, Dr Evans’ talk challenged the audience to think about the interconnected nature of the world that we now live in, and questioned why we live in perhaps the most secure of times yet seem to feel at our most insecure. Our use of internet and social media was considered, and Dr Evans questioned the morality of elements of it. The students were encouraged to consider ways in which they could think and act politically.

Future speakers at St Swithun’s this academic year include Guardian columnist, Polly Toynbee.

Photo: Dr Brad Evans with St Swithun’s sixth form students and politics teacher Mrs Kathryn Batten