Staines Prep having Fun with Science

25 Sep 2013

Pupils at Staines Prep discovered the fun in science last week with Years 1 and 2 enjoying lively, investigative workshops aimed at inspiring and developing scientific skills to enhance their knowledge of the world around them.

Year 1 class members got stuck in with a hands-on exploration into the notion of ‘forces’. Experimenting with things such as rockets, spinning tops, marble ramps and balancing clowns, they started to understand everything from the effects of gravity to the wonder of magnetic forces.

Meanwhile the boys and girls in Year 2 eagerly participated in fun activities based on the many uses of ‘electricity’.  They investigated the workings of electric trains, sent messages using secret codes and also made an alarm, among other things.

“The children were very motivated and enthusiastic throughout the day.  It was delightful to see inquisitive minds exploring and finding real enjoyment in science,” said Sarah Langford from Shell Education Services – sponsors of the workshops.



Photograph: (L to R)  Grace Lowery (age 5), Zane Sekhon (age 5) and Uma Beeharie (age 5) are seen here using ink spinners and weights.