Staines Prep Pirates Discover Hidden Treasures in Maths

15 Aug 2012

Now in its third year, pupils at Staines Prep locked swords and hoisted their flags to mark the close of another extremely successful and hugely enjoyable ‘Maths Week’ – a week dedicated to all things mathematical.

This year’s pirate theme saw the children delving into the fascinating world of maths through a variety of hands-on, creative mathematical challenges. The week concluded with a fancy dress parade and picnic, as the children had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite swashbucklers.

Whilst the Lower School were scouring the school grounds on a ‘maths treasure hunt’, the Upper School were busy calculating areas, exploring grid references and coordinates, and plotting routes. Their endeavours also crossed over into other areas of study – solving pirate word problems and puzzles and designing their own terrifying pirate flags.

Miss Mcean, Lower School Maths Coordinator added: “It is so rewarding to see the children gaining knowledge and enjoyment from maths. It is a fundamental part of all our lives and I am sure they will take their experiences from this event and apply it to the world around them.”

The annual event was introduced in 2010. Initially created for the Lower School, its success has since led to the programme being built into the Upper School’s curriculum.

Photo(L-R):Latoya Nurse (age 8) and Luiza Cordery (age 9) enjoying pirate themed Maths Week at Staines Prep