Staines Prep Pupils Visit Local Synagogue

18 Jul 2013

On Thursday 4th July, an excited group of Year 1 children took time out of their usual classroom Religious Education Studies to visit the local Synagogue in Staines.

The opportunity developed following a series of lessons looking at holy books from around the world.  It sparked discussions amongst the young pupils who expressed particular interest in Jewish religion and worship.

The field trip adventure started from the moment pupils left the school grounds – stopping on the way to enjoy a picnic snack and even a little wildlife and train spotting.

At the Synagogue the children were introduced to Mr Les Felman, organiser of visits and school talks, who took the time to explain the importance of the Torah, the Jewish Holy Book, and the significance of specific sacred clothing such as the prayer shawl, cap and other precious artefacts.  Mr Felman continued to captivate his young audience telling them about holidays and festivals throughout the Jewish calendar.

Year Coordinator, Mrs Hazel Arturi said: “This was such a wonderful experience for the children.  It gave them the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of other religions and beliefs.  It opened their minds to the Jewish faith and we are extremely grateful to the Synagogue for taking the time to meet the pupils who all behaved impeccably.”