Study Checking Day at Greenfields School

23 Apr 2012

As many already know one of the unique selling points of Greenfields is its use of Study Technology*. As part of the application of this, in the last week of the Spring term, the whole school had a ‘study checking’ day where they twinned up with each other or teachers and checked each other out on their understanding of the words and materials they had studied that term. They looked up words, clarified misunderstandings, reinforced the information learnt and really found out how well they had learnt and retained what they had learnt. The whole school was a hive of activity as this took place and many children did not want to stop at the end of the day. The overall result was an increased confidence by most that they would be that much more successful in applying the information in life as well as in exams. Some children found that entire studies which had previously been a little ‘hazy’ or ‘boring’ suddenly became much more interesting and accessible to them – all because they looked up a few words in the dictionary which they had not even realised they did not understand! This was so successful it will become a regular exercise for the school and one that will be particularly useful to children preparing for exams.

(*The technology developed by Educator L. Ron Hubbard™ to solve problems relating to studying and being able to learn and retain what one has learned)