The Downs Malvern – ‘Storytelling’ Week in Pre-Prep

17 Feb 2017

The Pre-Prep department recently had a ‘Storytelling’ themed week! The week involved a number of fun, and exciting, activities!

The beginning of their week began with a visit from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company, whospent the afternoon with the staff and pupils. They acted out ‘The Frog Prince’, which was followed by an entertaining and imaginative drama workshop that all the children enjoyed taking part in!

Year 2 then went on a trip to The Hive, in Worcester! They took the train from Colwall train station, and arrived at The Hive, wherethey were shown the different sections of the children’s library and watched how the returns machine sorted the books to ensure they were delivered back to the issuing library. They were shown how to search for titles and then enjoyed some free time reading and looking at a range of fiction and non fiction books!

Meanwhile, Year 1 went on a more local trip, down to Colwall Library!They spent some time looking through books and sharing them together before finishing with a story.

The week ended with a brilliant day in Forest School, where they were visited by a guest storyteller, Chris Holland!Chris bought a didgeridoo, a xylophone and a cajon drum, which helped bring his story telling alive. The stories he told us included ‘How the Robin got his Red Breast’ and ‘Why Frogs are Timid’. The children enjoyed making stick dogs and tying loggers hitches to them in order to take them for a walk.The children did what children should do in mud – they slipped and slid everywhere! The fire burnt all day and it was a very tired Pre- Prep that returned to school at the end of the day!

A big ‘thank you’ to the Pre-Prep staff for organising such a brilliant, and successful, week for the pupils! And to all of the guests and visitors who helped make the week so exciting.