The Sound of Music at Malvern College

24 Jan 2013

One of the most popular stage and movie musicals of all time, The Sound of Music was last year’s Senior Play presentation by the Music and Drama departments of Malvern College. Featuring a cast of over 40 performers drawn from the Lower Sixth and Hundred year groups and a backstage, make up and technical crew numbering 15, the production was presented to hugely appreciative audiences over three nights. Director of Music, Iain Sloan and Director of Drama, Keith Packham masterminded this Senior Play with considerable aplomb and virtuosity, creating a memorable Autumn term production.

As the Nunnberg Abbey bell tolled to signal the commencement of the production, an atmosphere of reverence, piousness and calm descended. Row upon row of Nuns emerged singing Preludium (Dixit Dominus) with sublime acapella and crystal-clear Latin annunciation.

Steve Doidge’s multi-purpose set with magnificent staircase and kaleidoscopic cyclorama provided a blank canvas on which director Keith Packham and Choroegrapher Sue Close could weave their patterns. The wonderful waltz, Maria and von Trapp dancing the ‘Laendler’, production numbers such as ‘No Way To Stop It’ and ‘How Can Love Survive?’ all displayed Sue Close’s masterful dance steps and musical staging skills.

As the final strains of ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’ reverberated around the College’s Rogers Theatre, members of the audience were united in feeling that this production had been truly special. Slick scene changes (under the watchful eye of Drama Assistant Rosalind Lawton), superb set, costume and lighting, confident acting, stylish choreography, sublime singing, and a fantastic orchestra made this a truly memorable evening of Theatre. The nearby Malvern Hills were indeed alive with the Sound of Music!

Keith Packham, Direct of Drama, Malvern College