Visit to the National Portrait Gallery

15 Jan 2013

Year 7 students enjoyed a trip to the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in London. It provided them with the opportunity to study in the gallery environment, recording the artworks that they saw through sketching and written notes. The information they gathered will be used to inspire and inform their future work. The NPG has an amazing permanent collection which the students were able to browse with the support of Mrs Harrison, Miss Mearns, Miss King and Mrs Albrow. In addition to experiencing the works tithing the gallery, they were delighted to take in the atmosphere of Trafalgar Square, over lunch. The students were able to observe ‘Powerless Structures Fig. 101’ on the fourth plinth and experience a superb mime artist as they made their way back to the coach.

They worked hard throughout the visit and came back to school with lots of useful and well presented research.