Wellington College – now one of the UK’s top academic schools

09 Sep 2013

Wellington has yet again achieved record breaking results in its UVI exams this summer.

Our pupils’ academic achievements at A level and the IB now mean that we are one of the top academic schools in the country.

The best news is that almost 70% of our A level grades were either A or A* – a magnificent achievement, nearly 10% up on 2012. Almost everyone – 92% – got a grade B or above.

In terms of what that means for pupils, 12 pupils achieved straight A*s and 45% got straight A*/A, up from 29% in 2012.

These sparkling A level results follow on from exceptionally good results for the IB. Wellington College was confirmed as one of the world’s top IB schools this year, and is ranked 4th in the UK for its IB results. Nearly half the IB candidates here scored 40 points or above (the equivalent at A level according to the UCAS tariff would be more than A*A*A*A) and the average score was over 38, far exceeding the global average for the qualification of 29.8.

Dr Seldon said: “This year’s results put Wellington’s academic standing at world-class level. We can all be proud to say that we are at a school which is one of the best in the world. I am so delighted for all the pupils, who have worked steadily and with great focus and dedication to achieve these results. Thank you as always to the teaching staff who make these outcomes possible, and for the pupils’ families who are there encouraging and supporting their children. Well done to all!”