Wellington College Wins Boarding Research Award

16 Aug 2019

We are delighted to announce that Wellington College won the Boarding Research Award at this year’s Boarding Schools’ Association Awards.

This award recognises the brilliant work of Delyth Lynch, Deputy Head (Safeguarding), who has recently completed a BSA research fellowship, exploring what makes boarding schools vulnerable and what we can do to create a safer culture.

The BSA Research Award recognises ‘research undertaken by a school or individual into how to continue to improve the boarding sector and better meet students’ needs’ and Delyth is a worthy winner. Her research was conducted across numerous boarding schools, and the questions she raised, and the subsequent discussions, have already had a significant impact on the culture at Wellington.

During her career, Delyth has made a significant contribution to the cause of boarding. The impact she has had at Wellington College over the twelve years is undisputed, but her reputation and influence reach far beyond the College gates. With this accolade, Delyth has cemented her reputation as a thought-leader in safeguarding. Not only will her work continue to improve the experience of our boarders, but it will undoubtedly serve to improve standards across the sector.