20 Mar 2019

On Wednesday 13th March Westward held the Annual Invitation U11 Netball Tournament. The weather had been tricky all week, but we finally had some respite and five teams were entered. The Westward ‘B’ team, although very young , gained some valuable experience for next year and although they didn’t win any matches, they tried hard and now know what they have to work on.  The ‘A’ team were mostly a year too young, but could hold their own and played really well on the day. The shooting was spot on and we scored 13 goals overall and only let in two. A great statistic.

The centre passes worked well, the dodging was quicker and our reactions and decision making has improved over the term. Everyone played well, and we were consistent in our efforts. This year the girls really wanted a medal. We beat our ‘B’ team 5-0, Twickenham Prep 3-1, Manor House 2-0 and Ashton House 3-1.

I’m delighted they won overall this year they tried their hearts out and thoroughly deserved to come first.  Ashton House came second and we play them again in a couple of weeks. Keep up the good work girls.

Mrs White