What do new parents to HCJS say about our Nursery and Reception classes?

04 Jul 2019

Many children join us in Nursery and Reception. We are proud of our Early Years Department and all that we offer the children.

If you are considering HCJS for your child from the outset of their education, you may well be interested to hear the views of parents with children in Nursery and Reception. Well here they are – the uncut and unedited comments from parents.


Parents of a girl who joined in Reception:

As a parent of a child going into reception we could not be more delighted with the care and attention the many staff and older pupils have shown to our daughter. I asked my daughter this morning to think of all things she has learned in one term at school and she said ‘Mummy, so many new things, letters, numbers, French, Music, Yoga, science, writing, swimming and playing with new friends’.  All of these have made a huge impact on her which we can see as she continually grows in confidence and ability. The all-round approach to education could not be bettered in our opinion and we are thrilled she is embarking on a tremendous journey with the school.


Parents of a girl who joined Nursery:

I can’t recommend HCJS nursery highly enough. My daughter cannot wait to go in each day, if fact she now attends an extra day at her request. The activities they do are well planned out and the staff make you feel like you are part of the nursery family. The small class size means that that get a lot of one to one attention and superior learning from an early age. It makes the transition to reception in September so much easier (as I have found from my older child) that they are familiar with the surroundings and are already learning the basics in reading and writing that they will go on to use. 


Parents of a boy who joined us in Nursery:

We have been attending nursery at HCJS since the term after our son’s 3rd birthday. He is happy to see his friends every morning and hasn’t shown a reluctance to go but instead has been very excited to choose his toy to take in. We are kept in the loop fairly well with his willingness to share what he has been up to from his letters and numbers to library, a particular favourite of his, to tennis! Our son has progressed in so many ways, we are so proud of him and we welcome all that Reception has to offer in September!


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