Winterfold School – Young Explorers

29 Mar 2019

Year 1 pupils from Winterfold School in Chaddesley Corbett travelled back in time on Wednesday 16th January and took an immersive look at Exploration in days gone by, from Christopher Columbus to Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.

After looking at the different roles of the crew, the children designed a poster to find their very own crew. The classroom set sail in the afternoon and discovered what life was like aboard these wooden sailing ships. Basic navigation and the dangers of seafaring were all brought to life.

The day ended with designing sea charts for imaginary lands and finding out what was brought home in the holds of the ships. Treasures included gold, potatoes, spices and fine silk cloth.

Year 1 Teacher Mrs Richardson said “The children were impressed by what our ancestors would deem as treasure in the past. Discover History visit us regularly and their workshops and history days are an ideal way of bringing History to life.”