Wrekin College runner selected as Olympic torch bearer

19 Mar 2012

Dani Rowlinson, Third Form (Year 9), Wrekin College, Shropshire has been selected as an Olympic torch bearer. Dani will be carrying the Olympic torch through Ironbridge, a designated World Heritage Site, on 30th May 2012.

This is her story:
Dani Rowlinson is an inspirational pupil. She has shown immense courage and determination in recovering from a very debilitating illness. Dani was 9 when she was diagnosed with OCD ( Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), an illness with devastating effects, causing an inability to control one’s thoughts about everyday events, leaving acute feelings of anxiety, despair and paranoia. These irrational fears became crippling, leaving Dani unable to attend school for 5 months. Dani then developed anorexia, and spent 6 months in hospital. Dani was absolutely determined to recover, showing amazing inner strength and courage to get better.

Today Dani is healthy and fit, she has a Sports Scholarship at Wrekin College and is currently the U13 Cross Country County Champion. Dani’s ambition is to run 1500m in the 2020 Olympic Games. Dani is a positive role model for other youngsters and families suffering from an illness which requires a much greater awareness throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

Adding to her already impressive runing record she will be representing the Midlands again in the forthcoming Virgin London Mini Marathon. In 2011 event she was the first Midlands girl to finish (13th overall) in the under 13 age category.