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18 Apr 2019

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Kings colleges – Oxford, Brighton, London and Bournemouth

There are many schools both in the UK and around the world that define themselves as ‘international’. International schools come in many different shapes and sizes and there are many different factors to consider – the origin of its students, the experience of its teachers and its choice of programmes to name a few. It is estimated that there are now about 8,000 international schools around the world.

There are many shared values and approaches between international schools of all kinds, such as a focus on creating ‘global citizens’, who are aware of the world and have a sense of their role within it. There are however, factors which we believe set us, at Kings, apart from many of the other international schools today.

A mixed and balanced multinational cohort

Unlike the many other UK-based ‘international’ schools who have a small cohort of students that come from countries outside of Britain, at Kings, our communities are made up of a huge range of nationalities.

Our focus is on creating optimum learning environments with a mix of local British students and international students from a wide range of countries, all with the same ambition to achieve their full potential, win a place at a leading university and prepare for a successful career in the world of tomorrow.

Many students note the well-balanced, inclusive and welcoming nature of our communities, where despite the diverse cultures, there is lots of commonality.

An environment that promotes maturity and independence

At Kings we provide a modern alternative for ambitious students who are looking for a mature yet supportive learning environment. Our inclusive communities mean that each student is able to express their own identity and explore their interests.

Our students are supported in their development to become responsible and independent learners and young adults, based on a mutual respect between staff and students. Teachers and students work together in partnership, on a first name basis without uniforms and assemblies.

As Mimi, from Hong Kong and Natalie from Vietnam comment: “At Kings, teachers and staff are very friendly. The student-teacher relationship is different from in Hong Kong, teachers are more like friends, and instead of ‘lecturing’ students, they share their life experiences with us. Furthermore, if you ever need any help from Kings, they respond and provide support promptly. In addition, the mode of learning is different in the UK. Instead of acquisition (like in Hong Kong), participation is encouraged. Students are required to discuss and speak in class, and I think it really helps creativity and critical analysis skill by listening to more different perspectives. “

“I think the first thing I noticed is that the teachers are very, very supportive, and friendly as well. I called my chemistry teacher with his last name and ‘Mr’ and he said ‘no, just call me Matt!’. They are quite casual.“

Our colleges are all located in safe, convenient areas of popular UK cities, with a host of amenities on the doorstep. Students are trusted to come and go as they please, although the schools adhere to all recommended safety regulations.

A focus on each student individually

All Kings students are treated with the same personal attention, which is possible in part because of our very small class sizes. We understand that each student is unique, both in terms of their goals and aptitudes, and their learning styles.

“Because it’s quite small and there are very few students the teachers can really focus on each  individual person and also because I can call the teachers by their first names everything feels very personal here.” Annabelle Greenaway from the UK, Art Foundation student at Kings.

Through the use of the CAT 4 test, at Kings we can learn accurately and immediately what each student’s learning style is. By modifying our teaching styles for each student in the class, we ensure they are supported to achieve theirmaximum, right from day one.

“Every teacher is truly passionate about their subject and can really relate to their students. They understand that every student is unique and has a slightly different way of learning; they really cater to this well.” Joseph Nash Price-Evans from the UK, Kings A-level student

Ofsted inspected for quality assurance

The British education system is highly regarded around the world and qualifications within it, such as A-levels, are recognised globally. UK state schools that offer these programmes are subject to rigorous inspection by Ofsted — the UK government’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

At Kings, we believe that independent validation provides the clearest and truest proof of quality and – being registered as independent schools with the UK Government Department for Education – Kings Bournemouth, Kings Brighton, Kings London and Kings Oxford are also subject to regular inspection by Ofsted. We are proud that Kings’ quality is recognised by leading independent bodies, and equally proud of the faith they place in us.

Reports highlight the many strengths of our colleges, and can be read in full here.

Investment in the facilities that are relevant to all

At Kings our focus is on providing supportive academic environments in which students can explore their interests, learn how to learn and make informed choices about their futures. Whilst our colleges are well-equipped with state-of-the art learning, accommodation and recreation facilities, our city campuses do not have extensive sports fields and facilities which require regular upkeep. This means we are able to invest in the facilities which are needed by all students, and enables us to keep our learning environments modern, innovative and effective. Any students who are interested or focused on sports have ample access to local sport facilities thanks to the central city locations of all our schools.

“(At my old school), they thought the Swimming Club was more important than international students. It’s much better here. Here, a lot of the students are international so we know how each other are feeling. The classes are small and the teachers are really nice to us.” Nini from Taiwan, currently completing an Art Foundation course with us.


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